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Wer'e OPEN!
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There are some interesting faltluos from the Geert Wilders affair, and it relates to the fight for Europe.For instance, Lord Ahmed claims he did not threaten parliament with 10,000 Muslim (violent) demonstrators he does not need to. The authorities are well aware that anything that upsets the Muslim community, a minimum of 10,000 Muslim fanatics brandishing placards Britain beware, 9/11 is on your way etc, can be easily mobilised. So there is no need now for any Muslim leader to issue threats. The government has understood the message without it being mentioned, as the threats are not idle boasts but are credible..There is another aspect to this immediate mobilisation of young Muslim men at the drop of a hat, which affects us all. European bloggers, and the local press, have written, that in Europe, any altercation on the street involving Muslims and other people, or the police, leads to hundreds of Muslims gathering at the spot in a matter of minutes. Now this could be just coincidence, but I've noted that this is happening all over Europe. This can only be if there is a communication, command/control, and conveyance system, to facilitate a rapid response.These are the elements of the system1. Communication - mobile phones do the job very well, or Islamic local radio stations.2. Command centre - the mosque or its affiliates. 3. Conveyance - in most European cities the taxi service is operated by Muslims. This provides a quick and reliable service to take Muslim units to the confrontation zone. 4. Combat ready young men.The result of this integrated system is that in any confrontation, Muslims, though a minority, are able to have local superiority in numbers at the confrontation zone. This system allowed them to gain superiority even over the London MET, as apparent in the recent Gaza demonstrations. What Muslims have done is something quite unique for a group of people who have come as immigrants. They have set-up Rapid Response units in all the major cities of Europe. From these locations they can mount effective responses in smaller towns, even when they do not have any presence there. It will not surprise me if a similar situation holds in StPaul/Minneapolis, Detroit, Orlando, and places where there are large number of Muslims. If Muslims already have an organised militia in Europe, which is simply under the radar, as no one has looked at it the way I'm seeing it, then the fight for Europe has got a lot tougher then even I imagined.

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